Ben and the cheerleader 2

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Ben and the cheerleader 2

It had been to weeks since I had last been at Jake’s house to spend the night. I still couldn’t forget what happened last time with me and Jake’s /sister/">sister Jessica. Every time I closed my eyes I could see her in that cheerleading uniform covered in my own cum. I thought it would be awkward that night because no one knew and I was sure Jessica wouldn’t do that again. I didn’t see her all night until she had come down from her room at around eleven while Jake and I were watching tv. She was wearing sweat pants and a small tight shirt and her tits poked through while her hair was in a pony tail. I crossed my legs to hide my growing /erection/">erection.

’Hey Jake.’ She turned to me and smiled. ’Hi Ben.’ With that she left shaking her ass more than usual. I couldn’t concentrate on the show anymore and eventually we went upstairs to Jake’s room where we played video games before we stopped for the night and got in our sleeping bags. All I could think of was Jessica’s great body. I waited for Jake to fall asleep till I left the room and went to the other side of the house where the bathroom was. Before I went in I looked at Jessica’s closed door and noticed that the light was on. Shortly after I closed the door behind me and got a drink of water there was a small tap on the door. I opened it and there was Jessica leaning in front of the door wearing a pink silk nightie. The nightie had two thin shoulder straps that went to her breasts. Her chest was so big that her nightie barely covered the rest of her body. The nightie stopped right above her pink /thong/">thong. Her nipples were clearly visibly through the sexy nightie. She could see my cock growing in my boxers when she grabbed my arm and led me to her room. She hugged me close so I could feel her breast against her, kissed my bottom lip for a while, and then she pushed me on the bed. When the door was closed she turned on some soft music and started a striptease. Jessica rubbed and grabbed her chest and ass as she danced around me and bent over. She did it like a pro by the way she danced around the bed post and got in position old waman xxxgx which allowed me to more skin. My cock was rock solid when the nightie came off. Jessica slowly started pulling the nightie up and when it got to her breasts she truned her back to me and completely removed it. I could see the sides of her breasts around her back. She danced around some more and pulled off her thong in a very classy way. Then she grabbed a 12 inch dildo off her dresser.

’I’ve been practicing for you.’ she said. Fist she shoved the entire dildo in her mouth and then started fucking herself with it. My boxers became wet with precum when she stopped and came to me. She pushed her chest in my face for me to suck while she slid my boxers off. I enjoyed every inch of her boobs while she massaged my balls. Then she got on her knees and gave me a blowjob. I couldn’t believe she was swallowing my whole 12 inch cock. I moved her head down and up fast which she seemed to enjoy. I moaned as I came all over her face. She wiped the cum of her face and rubbed her body in it. I grabbed her and laid her on her back on the bed. I straddled her stomach and pushed my cock between her /gorgeous/">gorgeous breasts. While I titfucked her, she opened her mouth so my cock would go in every time. I reached my hand behind me and stuck my fingers in her shaved pussy. As I rubbed her clit she started to moan with pleasure. I stopped fucking her breasts and moved between her legs.

’Shove your cock all the way in.’ I did just that. I banged her hard in her pussy. Her breasts shook back and forth as the bed gave out a soft moan. She gasped and breathed harder as she reached an orgasm. She almost shed some tears from the size of her incredible orgasm. After several minutes of screwing Jessica hard I pulled my wet cock out and slid her over so her legs /hung/">hung over the edge of the bed. I grabbed her dildo and fucked her ass with it. At the same time I started eating her pussy. Her clit tasted so good I didn’t want to take my tongue out of her but her orgasm died down and she wanted my cock again. I flipped her over on her stomach with her knees on the edge of the bed. I rammed my cock deep into her ass and slammed her as hard as I could. While I banged her I shoved the dildo in and out of her pussy. God I want to fuck her in an orgy. I could feel my cum building up so I pulled out and sprayed my load all over her back. I stood there just rubbing her ass until she got up, smiled, and walked out of her room into the bathroom with my cum dripping down her body. She motioned me over with her, and when the door was closed she turned on the shower. Just seeing the water caress her body got my /cock/cock-hard/">cock hard again. While she washed her enormous breasts with the water falling on her I jacked off. After getting tired bokep sma pecah perawan of just watching her I stepped in and helped wash her off. I rubbed my cock between her legs as I lathered up soap and washed her tits off. When I was done with her front I turned her around and washed off her back. Then I grabbed her hips and shoved my cock up her pussy. She leaned against the shower wall while I fucked her.

I had never had /shower/shower-sex/sex-in-the-shower/">sex in the shower before and the water falling on our hot bodies was a new feeling. Fortunately the sound of the water muffled her screams and moans. Then she got off of me and kneeled down to wash my cock off with her mouth. It wasn’t long before I shot a load deep into her throat and she didn’t even gag. My cock softened up so she proceeded to wash my balls with her tongue. Just as she got up to exit the shower I spanked her ass which she liked. Jessica grabbed a towel and began drying herself off, but seeing her sexy body draped in that towel turned me on. The smooth cloth running all across her body reminded me of something from Playboy. I jumped out of the shower, ripped the towel down, and leaned her over the counter. My cock was a little sore from all the action but I shoved all 12 inches into her as she screamed in a violent orgasm. The mirror allowed me to see her screaming face and bouncing breast while I banged her from behind. Right before I came I turned her around and came all over her /ass/hot-ass/">hot ass body and /big/big-breasts/">big breasts.

She ate all my sticky cum off her body, kissed my cock goodnight and walked into her room exhausted. I cleaned myself off and crawled into my sleeping bag. Jake who wanted to fuck his sister since he first jacked off didn’t know I’ve had my way with her several times.