Im a shyste Bitch

Published March 17, 2024 tag category
Im a shyste Bitch

Me and my boyfriend of six years, own a tattoo shop in Miami, FL. Anyhow, we had just gotten back together after two months when some really walks in and over to the desk. My boyfriend wasn't there, so it didn't matter. That guy tells me that he wants his dick pierced and I agree. We walk to the back and I get everything prepared to do my job. He had a !! Anyways, I told him that it was going to be 90 dollars, he gave me an enevelope with 200 and he also left his number for me. My boyfriend walks back into the shop later and looks into my drawer and finds the guy's number, I tell him that one of my girl's wanted it, so I saved it for her. After my boyfriend left that day around seven, I couldn't get that guy out of my head for nothing and I grabbed the phone and ran into the bathroom to call him. I told him that I wanted to meet back at his place, he calls it a date.

I met the guy up after work and followed him back to his house. He cooks us dinner and tells me to go upstairs. I know what I wanted to do, so I take my jeans and my shirts off. I lie across the bed in just my bra and as he walks in with two glasses of wine. I gulp down my glass as he walks in front of me and stops. He unbuckles his pants and pulls them off with his boxers. His cock is fucking huge! You just had to see the veins pulsing on that thing. I was a bit nervouse because I have never been fucked by another guy before, it was my with someone new. I look at the head of his penis and realize that where I pierced him isn't swollen so I take his dick in my mouth and start sucking him hard. He comes in my mouth and I run to the bathroom to spit it out. He picks me up and thrown me on the bed and gets on top of me. He undoes my bra and slips off my thong. He starts pulling on my nipple rings and teasing my clit by pulling on my clit ring. He then starts kissing me and shoves two fingers inside of me as he hears me moan.

He spreads my legs so he could see better, then he lowers himself off the bed, places my thighs on his shoulders and starts eating my pussy. He tugs at my clit ring with his teeth and caresses my opening with his tongue. He then climbs back on top of me and shoves his 11 inch dick into my pussy. He fucks so good. Better then my boyfriend ever did. After he comes, he turns me around and tells me to get on my knees. I agree. He spreads my legs and sticks his dick in me from behind. He was pounding in my pussy so hard, but damn it felt so good. My boyfriend then calls me on my cell phone and I tell him that my bestfriend got stranded somewhere and I had to go pick her up. He fell for it.

After he came again, we put our clothes on and went down stairs for a cigarette. Afterwards, we walk back upstairs and watch a little TV. I want to fuck again, so I strip off all my clothes. I get on top of him and unbuckle his pants, he was already hard by then. I let my pussy fall on his dick and I start riding him. He sits up, wraps his arms around my back and pulls my hair. I hold him, too, only I was making his back bleed. After, I came twice, he throws me off of him and tells me he likes being in control. He fucks me again and 2 came twice once on my thigh and once on my stomach. After, I got up, got dressed and left for home.

When I got home, I went straight upstairs to my bedroom. My boyfriend was lying in bed watching TV. xnxxv sunny leone video I tell him that me and my girl were okay and that I was tired . He told me real forced anal against her will he didn't want to do anything tonight, so I agreed. Besides, my pussy already took a beating. I never did see that guy again. He was . I would him again, or at least give him some head. He calles me now and then, but will you believe, after two years; my boyfriend never found out?