Christmas is here

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Christmas is here

It was the the 30th of November and there was no snow around and there was not a site of the Christmas cheer which was strange for this time of the year. Every second felt like an hour.

It got to midnight and then out of no where there was a massive change in the whether it started snowing giant snow flakes it was like a miracle. Later that day there was little snow left and it was the beginning of December and there was no sight of the usual Christmas cheer. I started to feel /sad/">sad then out of the blue just like at midnight it started snowing again and then you could hear all the Christmas cheer. I was standing outside my science class waiting to enter my lesson. I was standing there just minding my own business and this very /guy/hot-guy/">hot guy bumped into me (he wasn't paying attention to where he was going).

Normally I would have moaned at him for bumping into me but because he was fit and was in my food technology class I decided not to have ago at him.

When I left my science class (chemistry) which was ironic because during the whole lesson all I could do was think about him and how fit he was. By now you are most likely wondering what does this guy look like to grab my attention well I shall tell you. He has dark brown hair, his eyes are like pools of gravy ( I love gravy hense the simile), he is about 6ft 1" ,I'm guessing this because he is only just smaller than me, he is thin like me and once when I caught a glimpse of him getting change he had a 4 pack (I don't like 6 packs so that is why I like him and he isn't aiming for a six pack either). Oh and one last thing his name is Kyle.

The next day he said to me in food technology (which was the next time I met him) and he said " hey YOU" I started to get /scared/">scared"sorry about bumping into you yesterday I was busy talking to my mate"
"it's okay"
" no it's not acceptable I should have been paying more attention"
"NO seriously it's okay I shouldn't have been in a world of my own"

Later in the lesson when we were cooking he came over and forgot that he had flour on his hands and slapped my bum to get my attention because I was busy cooking and yet again in a world of my own.
"Hey I didn't disturb you did I?" he question.
"no I was just thinking about things"
"just like people and such things"

He carried on questioning me about what I was thinking about but I didn't let him know that I was thinking about him at all.

The following day I was worried that I had said something yesterday that I shouldn't of said but I don't think I did. But last night all I could think about was him. I kept asking myself 'Why did he slap my bum it couldn't of been just to get my attention.' I was thinking about coming out as bi because if he knew I was bi and he was either bi or gay then he might ask me out but I doubted that. I didn't see him for the rest of the week.

It was Sunday night and I was sitting there at my computer ongays facebook just staring at the screen and where it says 'what's on your mind' I had written 'I never came out as being str8 so y should I come out as being BI'. Now I just prayed and hoped that he or one of his friends would see it and let him know what it said.

I arrived at school early so that anyone else who may blowjob porn videos have read it wouldn't pick on me. My first lesson of the day was food technology and I was just waiting for him to walk though the door and then once the /teacher/">teacher had started the lesson he walked though the door and said "Sorry miss I woke up late" and he took his seat. This lesson was a lot of theory that we needed for the exam we have at the end of the school year. When we were set some work (I was sitting on my own at the back of the class on these stalls with a high table and I sat there every lesson because I had no friends in that lesson.). I was busy concentrating on my work and then I notice that there is someone sitting next door to me and that's when I looked up.

I noticed it was Kyle and then he said "What you said on facebook is that true"
I replied with "yeah that is true, I wrote that because I thought how am I going to find someone I like and who likes me if no-one knows the real me."

He was shocked when I said that and asked me if I wanted to go round his after school and with out thinking I said yes. He told me to meet him by his locker which was near my last lesson which was PSHEe. We went to his house and we sat on the couch and we just watched TV while drinking coke and eating a tub of haribo. Whilst we were watching TV we were talking about interests, what we want to do when we leave school and then we ended up talking about the real me. We did that every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday that week and the next week.

It was now the 18th of December and we had a half day because it was the end of the term. We agreed to meet up on Christmas eve. (I couldn't believe that saying that people didn't know the real me would get me attention from him).
Christmas eve took ages to come round and when it finally came I just couldn't wait till 7 o'clock that evening to meet Kyle. When I left I quickly said to my parents. "bye see you later be back late"

We had agreed to meet up in my local park which was also his. We were the only ones there. I started to get cold and he noticed that I shivering with the cold. He asked me if I wanted to go home and I said nah I don't it is nearly Christmas so my parents will be running around trying to get things sorted out. It was getting close to midnight and I received a text from my parents asking when I would be home and I was about milf porn videos to say i'm on my way home but Kyle grabbed my phone and asked "Are you leaving me already?"
I told him I had to go but he wasn't having it so he said about another hour. They text back 'okay darling be safe and see you soon xxxxx' (my mum is really sappy).

It got to 11:45 and it started snowing gently and it created a really nice and loving scene. I told Kyle that I had to go home but he stopped me there and said "You going without your Christmas gift?"
" I, I didn't get you a gift"
" It's okay you will do soon, I promise you will like it"

At that moment I was worried about what was about to happen. Where we were was close to a big clock that chimes every hour and then it let out chimes and we new it was Christmas. On the first chime Kyle got closer to me, without me knowing, and on the second chime he went in for a kiss on the lips and I received it and It lasted longer than the chimes of the clock It felt like he was kissing me for ages but it had only been a minute and he asked " how was your Christmas present?"
" I, I, I, I, loved it thanks"
" no problem mate"

That was the /first-time/">first time he had called me mate. We then started having a conversation about our sexuality and it turned out that Kyle was gay and not out and that he had, had a big crush on me for the past year. He told me that bumping into me was done on purpose because he wanted an excuse to talk to me and then get to know me.