Suzi and Chris part5

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Suzi and Chris part5

Suzi porn videos download woke to the sound of the shower on in the bathroom. Milly was still sleeping deeply beside her. The covers had slid down her torso, and her arm was resting on the bed beside Suzi.
Suzis eyes ran from Millys fingertips, up her arm, and to her perfect breasts. She was lying on her side and they hugged together nicely, her nipples remaining erect from the cold air hitting against them. Suzi heard the shower knock off and she slipped quietly from the bed and walked slowly to the bathroom. She stood in the doorway, leaning against one side of the frame and her arm reaching across to the other exposing her naked body fully. Chris was spitting mouthwash into the sink and when he lifted his head, saw Suzis reflection in the mirror. He stared at her in the mirror smiling, as she walked over and slid between him and the counter top.

She wrapped her arms tightly around his neck and kissed him deeply as he picked her up gently, sitting her down on the cold tiles of the countertop. Suzi pressed herself tightly to him, spreading her legs as wide as she could to give him easy access whenever he was ready. Chris kissed softly across Suzis throat, burried his face into her neck and kissed and sucked softly on it while loosening his towel and letting it fall open.

He pressed tighter to Suzi, letting her feel his hardening cock brush against her dampening pussy. She hooked her legs around his and waited for him to begin grinding into her. Chris held tightly to Suzis hip while his other hand slid up her stumoch to her tits. Kissing her hard and deeply, he moved from her left tit to her right and back, squeezing each tightly and pulling on her pierced nipples.
He bent his head down and took one in his mouth. He held her nipple in his teeth, and rolled his tongue over and back, swirling it roughly around before sucking softly, then turning his mouth to give the other attention.

Suzis pussy was on fire, she couldnt take being teased. Not now.
She wrapped her hand tightly around Chriss cock, and brought it to her slippy slit. She circled the head slowly around her entrance, juices clinging to it - roughly rubbing it against her clitoris, moaning softly as his soft head pressed tightly against the soft tissue. Stroking her breast xxx softly, his mouth returned to her neck placing wet kisses all over. 
Chris began to force his thick head into her pussy, pushing gently against her, feeling her /pussy/tight-pussy/">tight pussy open up and grip to his now throbbing member. He could feel her breath on his shoulder - speeding up, traced with a high pitched "mmm" each time he pushed against her. Suzis clit was swollen, her entire body sensitive. Every touch recieved was being channeled to her pussy, Chris began pumping her slowly at first, speeding up grandually as more and more of his thick shaft disapeared inside her. Suzis legs wrapped tightly around Chriss waist, and she was moaning regularly and softly as his cock thumped slowly in and out of her. 
Each in-thrust she could feel Chriss pulsing cock head beating against the very deepest depths of her pussy. She felt as if it were too big, her /cunt/tight-cunt/">tight cunt stuffed fully. She could feel every vein in his penis as he steadily stabbed in and out.

Suzi lay back, propping herself on her elbows as Chris grabbed her hips tightly and began jerking upward in her, lifting her ass off the counter and forcing her to slide down the last few inches of his shaft on each thrust. Suzi loved it!
He sped up. Suzis light, constant moans graduated to occassional, deep groans as Chris began fucking her. His dick came sliding out to the head, which Suzi used her pussy muscles to grip tightly to, not wanting to chance him pulling out completely. He would then drive deeply inside her, his balls slapping against her ass each time. 

Suzis head was thrown back, she was moaning out for Chris to fuck her faster, deeper. She was now lying flat on her back, her body contorted to fit onto the small countertop, her hands pulling at her own hair as she cried out. Chris could feel his balls tightening, he stared down at his little fucktoy, watching her titties bounce gracefully as he thumped in and out of her tight pussy. He could feel every milimetre of his cock slipping inside, being hugged tightly by her pussy walls. He could feel his bare head pressing against her cervix as he invaded her. He thrust deeply inside, grinding his head against it.
Suzi was going wild! She was sucking softly and biting down on his thumb as he held his cock deep within her, but she continued bouncing herself as much as her position allowed, not wanting him to stop.

Chris looked down between Suzis legs, watching his cock as he returned to jerking it in and out of her deeply, and faster. Her clit looked on fire, as if it would burst any second. He gazed back to Suzi, she was completely lost in the moment. Her eyes were shut tightly, she was crying out through a bit lip, still thrusting herself up and down his shaft, her titties still bouncing happily. 
He pulled his thumb from her mouth and pressed it against her swollen clit. She immediately began bucking and wriggling, her cries became protests; "no! NO! Oh GOD!" Chriss eyes began to roll back as she screamed out, ramming herself up and down his shaft as her orgasm ripped through her, her pussy releasing its juices all over Chris. The last thing he felt before erupting deep inside her was a trickle down his tight, full balls.

He burried his face into her full, round titties as he emptied his load deep inside her, stabbing her cunt, spraying his cum along her pussy walls. As his second load released, Suzi heard what could only be his cum being forced from her pussy to make room for more, splashing on the tiled floor below. The sound brought her back to orgasm levels, and when Chris started biting on her nipple as he jerked deep inside her, milking the last drops from his cock, Suzis 2nd orgasm tore through. She bucked her hips violently, forcing Chris to cum again just from the shock of pleasure. As the feeling subsided, she held him to her, gently rolling her hips as he softly fucked her, his cum being worked deep inside her pussy.
He pulled her into sitting position as he continued softly sliding his cock in and out, and kissed her deeply, wrapping her completely and tightly in his arms. A final gentle, soft orgasm flowed through Suzi as Chris slowed down to a halt, pushing deep inside her pussy for the last few strokes. She could feel his empty cock begining to soften slightly within her as he held her tightly in his arms, kissing her neck and cheek.

When they finally went back into the bedroom, they found Milly up and getting dressed. "I gotta go to work kitty kats - But Ill be back later!!" She winked and walked out the door, pinching Suzis nipple as she walked passed, but not before pushing the box under the bed. Chris smiled and said "I wonder!" but stopped himself there. 
Their front door slammed shut and they were already back in bed, planting wet kisses all over each other.