Maiden MaidChapter 7 Bound and Penetrated from Behind

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Maiden MaidChapter 7 Bound and Penetrated from Behind

Sara lay in her bed, naked, her fingers lightly playing over her red bush. She pushed her fingers between her pussy lips, feeling the wetness already there. Her mind went back to the pictures in the books that John had shown her, the pictures of girls naked and bound. She imagined herself, Michael and John standing over her, their hard cocks running over her bound body, unable to stop them from forcing themselves into her spread body. Her body began to shudder, two fingers fucking in and out of her /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy, the other hand squeezing her clit hard as she came again and again. She blushed as she came down from her orgasm, ashamed at what she was thinking of, ashamed at her body betraying her inner secrets.

She worked around the house the next day mostly by herself. It wasn't until lunch time that she ran into John. She saw his eyes stripping her naked when he saw her. ”Hello John,” her eyes lowered in shame at what he had forced her to do.

”Afternoon Sara, you look good enough to eat today,” laughing at her humiliation. He went up behind her, his hands reaching around her waist, pulling her back onto him, his hard cock pushing into her /tight/tight-ass/">tight ass. He leaned over to her ear, whispering to her, ”Michael is going to fuck you virgin asshole tonight, Sara. I will be listening to hear your screams as his hard cock tears into your tender asshole.”

Now it was confirmed, she had thought that might be Michael's desire tonight. Both of them were fascinated with her asshole, always fingering it, opening it up. She knew they were just readying her for when they would sodomize her. She knew it would hurt, even the fingers painful. But they both seemed to enjoy that, her screams, her bouncing around trying to escape the painful tearing in her back passage. She shuddered when she felt John's cock on her butt, knowing once Michael had breached her backside, John would also want to do the same and his cock was so much bigger.

”Once he does that, I'm going to make you sit on my lap and ride my cock in your tight asshole. I'm going to love to see your tits bouncing up and down as you take my cock in and out of your tight ass. But first, Michael gets to take your virginity. Can you feel how hard my cock is, thinking how hot and tight your asshole is going to be?” He rubbed his cock back and forth over her ass cheeks, his hands guiding her hips to move back and forth over it.

”Not in my butt, that is going to hurt so much. Please, let me fuck you with my pussy, I'll squeeze real tight,” she begged him, hoping to get him to change his mind about degrading her and fucking her asshole.

”I wouldn't miss the chance to /ass/ass-fucking/fuck-that-ass/">fuck that ass for anything Sara. I'll be around after Michael finishes with you. Leave your door unlocked and I want you naked in bed. I want you when your asshole is still swollen and sore from Michael fucking it. I'm going to enjoy making you scream again,” his hands left her body and he moved away. ”Don't forget, naked in bed tonight, on your stomach,” laughing as he walked down the hall.

Sara ate lunch, her appetite almost gone as she thought of what was going to happen tonight. She went back to work, cleaning for a couple of hours until John again caught up with her. 

”Michael wants you in the study tonight at 7:00 sharp. He wants you in camisole, panties, garter belt, stockings and a pair of three inch heels, nothing else.” He leaned in closer to her again, ”he has left an enema bag in your room. Make sure you use it at least twice before tonight, hot water and fill it completely. Let it stay inside you at least ten minutes. He wants you squeaky clean when he fucks you. I can help you if you want?”

”No, NO, I know what to do,” ashamed at the act they wanted her to do, even more afraid that John would be there when she would have to do it. She quickly ran down the hall, hearing John's laughter at her humiliation. She had never used an enema bag before. She had heard about them, some of the girls had mentioned them, none of them had anything good to say about the experience. They provoked painful cramping and were humiliating to perform. Now she had even more to dread.

She skipped dinner, not much use, it would be flushed from her body by the enema. She went to her room, the large, red enema bag hanging above her bathtub, the tube running down, the nozzle threatening. The nozzle was large. It was tapered, growing bigger and bigger, over four inches long, a series of holes running along the edges. She sat down on her bed, staring blankly at the enema bag, dreading it. She looked at the clock, 5:30, she would have to start soon. John had told her she had to do it twice and hold it each time inside her for ten minutes. She also needed time to take a bath after the ordeal. 

She walked over to the bathtub, letting the hot water come out of the bath tap. She picked up the bag and slowly let the hot water fill it, watching as the bag slowly began to bulge out as it filled with the steamy water. When it was filled, she screwed in the plug connecting the nozzle to the bag by the long tube. It must have over two quarts of water in it. She let her hand run over the nozzle, feeling how hard and long it was. She noticed the bottle of lubricant on the edge of the bed, knowing why it was left. She turned the handle on the tube, the hot water rushing quickly out the holes before she shut it off again. God, it came out so fast.

She took off her clothes until she was naked, putting a towel on the floor next to the tub. She hung the heavy enema bag from the top of the tub, the long tube and nozzle falling to the floor with a loud noise. She picked up the lubricant and dipped the large nozzle into it, coating it liberally. She got down onto the floor on her hands and knees, reaching back with the lubricated nozzle and pushed it against her tiny anus. She shivered as she felt the cold lubricant touch her hot anus. She slowly pushed on the nozzle, feeling the pressure on her anus. She gritted her teeth as the nozzle slowly opened her anus, the nozzle sliding effortlessly on the lubricant. It was thicker then the fingers that had opened her up and this was tougher, she was doing it, reluctant to force it farther in when it began to hurt. She stopped pushing, holding it tightly into her butt, feeling her sphincter trying to force it out. 

She reached for the handle on the tube and released it, the water instantly began to flow. She could feel the hot water rushing into her rectum, her body turning warmer as it was heated from the inside. She felt a sharp pain as her colon slowly began to fill, the bag rapidly deflating as her stomach began to bulge out. She lowered her head, a dizzy feeling overcoming her, her ass still arched up high into the air, the bag now empty inside her. She looked at the clock, the hand moving slowly as it ticked off ten minutes. The pain came after two minutes, her body beginning to sweat from the hot water. Another cramp and her stomach groaned noisily. Eight minutes, her sphincter tightened on the nozzle, afraid of letting loose the water contained inside her. Finally ten minutes, a relief as she finally expelled the fluid.

She got back into position again as the filled bag hung up again. This time she knew what to expect and she dreaded it even more. The cramping had been extremely painful. She turned the handle, wanting to get it over, the water filling her again, this time it seemed to rush into her colon quicker, the painful cramping beginning almost instantaneously. The next ten minutes were sheer agony, tears falling from her eyes free porn movies download as she whimpered each time a cramp overcame her, her head resting on the floor, her ass still offered high up into the air. Finally she expelled the fluids and settled into the hot bath, soaking the sweat and anguish from her body as the soothing water bathed her problems temporarily away. She looked at the clock, time to get dressed and face her anal rape.

She looked in the mirror, her half naked body shining back at her. Her nipples pressed out the silky camisole, her panties clung tightly to her body, able to see her pussy lips between her legs, her bush bulging the material at the top. Her garter belt highlighted her pussy, seemingly framing it. The muscles in her legs were drawn tight from the three inch heels forcing her legs full hd xvideo download up. But she did look good. She went to grab her robe but remembered John's words, ”nothing else.” She opened the door and was startled to see John standing across the hall.