A day at the movies

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
A day at the movies

It was a hot summer day when me and my fiance decided to see an /movies/adult-movie/">adult movie. We had been dating about a year and wondered what it would be like to se an /adult/adult-xxx/">adult xxx rated movie. We were 19 at the time and had to drive to another city to see the flick. When we got to the theatre we decided to sit in the back of the balcony so we could "Make out" if we decided. 

There were very few people in the theatre so we went up to the balcony. I was wearing a regular short sleeve shirt and my fiance was wearing a blouse and a mini skirt. I decided to take an ailse seat and sat down. As my fiance moved to the seat on my left she bent forward to give me a view of her panties. I could feel my cock begin to grow as I inspected her little pink and white bikini panties. We settled into our seats we slid forward so our heads could hang over the back of the seats. As we stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv watched the movie we lovingly held each others hands. After a while I could see, out of the corner of my eye, that she had slipped her left hand under the hem of her skirt and her eyes were periodically closing. 

I could feel my cock again beginning to grow so, I would slowly play with my cock as it grew inside the leg of my shorts. After a while I became involved with the movie and did not notice my girl was eagerly watching me. Knowing we were both getting very excited she released my hand from hers,told me to lay my hea back, and leaned over where she kisssed me. As we kissed, I could feel her body was slowly moving. After our kiss I looked over and saw her slowly bending forward. When she sat back up I could see she was holding her panties in her hand. She again told me to close my eyes and lay my head back. I could feel my heart beginning to pound as I was not sure what she was going to do. As I lay there with my head back I could smell a /sweet/">sweet and erotic fragrance. Then I felt a wet silky material drifting over my face. 

She then wispered in my ear for me to smell and taste the juices from her /pussy/hot-pussy/">hot pussy. As I opened my eyes I could see her dangling her /wet/wet-panties/">wet panties over my face. She then laid them down on my lips and kissed me. As I parted my lips her tongue pushed her panties inside my mouth. I could taste the sweet juices from her pussy. Meanwhile I coulde feel her fingers slowly undoing the buttons on my shirt. The her fingers slowly slipped my zipper down and undid the button that held my shorts closed. Next, I felt her fingers grasp the elastic of my briefs and slowly slide them down along with my shorts. As our kiss ended, I watched as she sat up and continued to slide my shorts and briefs down passed my knees where they quickly fell to the floor. I could see my cock was now standing tall as she then grabbed her panties and loosley wrapped them around my cock. 

She then laid back down in her seat and pulled the edge of her skirt up over her waist. As I stared at her naked and /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy, she grabbed my hand and placed it between her legs and told me that we were ready to watch the rest of the movie. As my fingers explored the wet lips of her pussy, I watched her hand slowly begin to stroke my cock. When my fingers began to play with her clit, I could see her eyes begin to close, her body began to quiver and could hear her softly begin to moan. When I slid my finger over the tip of her clit I could hear her breathing would change to panting and her body begin to shake. As I continued to rub her clit her body became very rigid and she seemed to be holding her breath. 

Finally, she let out a muffled scream and her body began to shake as she obviously experienced her orgasm. She then leaned over and passionatley kissed me. She then took her panties, used them to soak up the juices from her pussy and then again wrapped them around my cock where she continued slowly stroking it. When she saw me start to cum, she draped her panties over the tip and slowly massaged the tip of my cock till white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie I had finished filling her panties. She then took her panties, put them back on and slowly ran her fingers over the silky wet material. I then leaned over and passionatley kissed her and thanked her for the great experience.